We develop, acquire and finance capital-intensive clean energy projects and technologies with financing requirements in excess of EUR 50 million.  We believe that renewable energy will supply 80% of the world’s energy by 2050.  Solar, wind, hydro and other forms of clean energy technologies will provide electricity directly to the user or to the grid.  Electric vehicles will provide transportation, electric heat pumps will provide heating, and grid power will be completely clean and free of carbon pollution.  Our business is aligned to invest and execute on this thesis.  We develop, acquire and finance clean power for clean commerce. 

  • EXPERIENCED - Founders have financed over EUR 2 billion of onshore wind, offshore wind and solar energy projects across Europe. This has taken the form of debt, equity and mezzanine finance.

  • NIMBLE - We are nimble and fast when it matters.  We are not deskbound, unlike others. Our London location allows us to close faster on finance and get to locations within one day.  We execute to project finance standards,  even if project finance is not used. 

  • SUPERIOR ANALYSIS AND EXECUTION - We are hands-on and do regular site visits, witness technologies working, assess markets first-hand, discuss with government officials and negotiate with project stakeholders. When we decide to do a project, we are determined to get it over the line. 

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